Vicinos Lounge Area

About Our Restaurant

Some of the most important aspects of life are being with family and friends, a sense of belonging, great food and drink and surrounding yourself with caring, hospitable people.

Welcome to Vicinos Local Italian where we strive to embody each of those traits. 'Vicino' translates to "neighbor" so our name perfectly describes who we are – A neighborhood favorite and locally owned and operated Italian restaurant. If you dine with us often enough you will recognize many of the same faces who have elected to make Vicinos their choice to dine.

Vicinos Local Italian is a family ran ristorante with over 100 years of restaurant experience among the two couples who share proprietorship. Steve & Maria Winters and David & Debi Henry have been friends and colleagues for over 25 years and chose to turn that friendship into a business venture with the added benefit of doing what they love together. They opened the restaurant in the area they live in and have 'worked' to turn it into a place the entire neighborhood can be proud of and recommend to others. None of us see it as 'work' though.

Our approach is pretty simple. One, provide our guests with fresh and delicious meals that are made with the highest quality of ingredients. Two, treat our guests as if we had invited them into our home. And three, stay passionate about serving others and be grateful for the opportunity.

Whether you're sharing a pizza with your family, enjoying some of our delicious pastas and entrees, or just wish to have a glass of wine with friends, Vicinos Local Italian is your place as much as ours.

Grazie per la visita!